information from your app safely collected and available

How it works

1. Install client

composer require phplogger/phplogger

2. Create logger

use \PhpLogger\Logger;

$token = 'd173f174f8aa6793ab8f8b6c9286ec9834a33ee6';
$logger = new Logger($token);

3. Write log messages

We follow PSR-3 standard for this.

$logger->emergency('this is an emergency message line');
$logger->alert('this is an alert message line');
    'this is a critical message line',
    [ 'optional' => 'context', ]
$logger->error('this is an error message line');
$logger->warning('this is a warning message line');
$logger->notice('this is a notice message line');
$logger->info('this is an info message line');
$logger->debug('this is a debug message line');

More examples in docs: integrations

4. Use log messages

Each object creates a file with log messages. Do find / filter / see details on all of them!

Files view details

More pretty pictures in docs: user manual

No Evil Corp. Just me.

I'm a solo developer who wants to build a logging solution for people. I'm very grateful to my users, who are making this possible. Thank you!


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Price --- 7€ 20€
Storage Limit ~2.4GB ~4.8GB ~16.8GB
Storage Limit (compressed) 1GB 2GB 7GB
Retention 7 days 7 days 14 days
Duration ~2 months Subscription based Subscription based
We are interested in your feedback.
Do not hesitate to contact us and tells us what you think.
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Make you application speak logs

1. Quick installation

A single installation with composer takes care of everything. We value Your time. There is no additional software required apart from PHP client library. No background daemons, configurations or monitoring to take care of. Install and log everything right away!

2. Log everything

Every application can provide valuable insights into what it does. You only need to collect this information and have it available. We believe that every piece of information matters and handy picking what to log and not to log takes developer's time and effort. We encourage you to log everything, and we will take care of the rest.

3. Pay as you go

We have a basic subscription price, which pays for the basic usage of our service. This can be used for small PHP projects and their development. We have additional pay as you go options, that would allow log retention and storage limit extension. When your application grows, we are ready to grow your log infrastructure along.

4. We are here to help

We are really excited about our product. We know about application logging and would love to help you get it right. Do not hesitate to ask for advice or help at support@phplogger.com. We will do our best to make it worth your while.