How Phplogger works.

Phplogger helps fight the bugs gone wild, deploy features safely, and keep incident investigations short and effective.

Keeping your logs centralized helps seeing the big picture.

Gain value from your data by using Exploration.

Develop with realtime logs using Log Stream.

Dive deep into Process summary with sequential process log.

Every feature in Phplogger:

Logs centralized

Collect the logs you need, leave the ones you don't. Phplogger will collect the data and ask questions later.

  • No external processes, single library to collect logs.
  • Logs get delivered or not. Either way your app works.
  • Minimal performance impact, maximum gain.
  • PSR-3 support. Change your logger anytime.
  • Works with plain PHP, Laravel, Symfony,
  • CakePHP, CodeIgniter
  • Support for PHP 5.6 (!) or greater.
how it works - github description
how it works - log tail

Log stream

Have access to your logs in near real-time. Development and debugging with Phplogger gets so much easier.

  • Get access to your log stream right away.
  • Focus only the logs that important now.
  • Dive deeper, investigate all the logs in a process.
  • Explore the tail further on with pivot tables
  • Think your bug-case can happen again?
  • Create alerts for your filters.


Get access to Explorer tool, which is built right atop of your data. Get insights into what you log, make use of that later. Be it development or production.

  • Create pivot tables from your data
  • Make lots of charts to impress your customers
  • Say goodbye to long code searches.
  • Bugs can be found in log statistics.
  • Centralized: in-depth investigations, trends, analysis.
  • Filter logs all you want, how you want.
  • The system is build for it.
how it works - explore & chart
how it works - file details

Process summary

Every PHP process is marked with identifier. Find your process and see what has been logged.

  • Don't loose a thing. Get an ID for every page opened.
  • View only what's important. Filter out what's not.
  • Dive deeper, investigate all the logs in a process.
  • Don't miss your errors.
  • Create notifications for all the fails, and successes!
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