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Phplogger setup in a plain PHP project

With this you can start developing your project and logging with no time.

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Incident investigations with Phplogger

This would help you and your application users to be on the same page when incidents happen.

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Why to use logs in the first place?

Is there a really good reason to use logs? Well, because unit tests don't work.

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Debugging is fairly easy, when you know your tools

Yeah, but I just really need to debug this peace of code. Do I really need... logging?

No, you do not

I like Laravel more, can I use it with Phplogger?

Apparently frameworks are popular now, so we integrated with a bunch of them.

Like Laravel, Or Symfony, Or CakePHP, Or CodeIgniter!

How to use Phplogger to collect centralized logs

Phplogger gives you a place to put your logs and the tool to do so. In production systems log collection is usually a big question and a big pain. With Phplogger, there is a way to track every process, collect not only errors, but debug information and business metrics as well. All in one place.

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