Phplogger is €25 per month,

No metter how many people work at your company, or how many projects you have, it €25/month total is all you pay.

For €25/month total, you have:

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Save hundreds today, thousands as you grow

Phplogger charges for space taken, not number of users, not number of projects, not number of errors.
See how it compares to others.


€25/month for a team

  • log collection
  • log analysis
  • log alerting
  • business metric collection
  • business metric exploration
  • support & help with setup
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Sentry: error tracking

$99/month for 500K errors

Loggly: log collection

$99/month for 30GB, 3 users

Airbrake: app monitoring

$59/month for 100K errors

Timber: log search service

$68/month for 16GB

Grow all you want, still €25/month, total.

Find challenges along the way, fight them, pay more

Common questions

Do you offer discounts for education or non-profits?

We don't have a running program yet. This does not mean we're against it. Tell us about your usecase, get a free account or discounted offer.

Does the price change for extra people?

No. We don't charge basing on how many people use the software. Be it 5 or 50, the price stays the same.

Can we add as many projects as we like?

Yes, you can. No charge for more projects, The price stays the same.

Do we pay right away when the trial is ended?

No. We don't ask credit card in advance. If you want to continue after the trial, we need payment details. If you want to leave, cancel with a click, no questions.

What if we need more time to decide?

No problem, we give you time! Just let us know and we will extend the trial.

Can we cancel anytime?

We charge on a monthly basis, in the beginning of the month. You use for what you paid for, and can cancel any future charges, any time.

I have more questions. Can you help?

We would be happy to answer all your questions!